Apple Watch X to Come With New Design and Biggest Upgrades Yet


Apple is gearing up to launch the 9th generation of its smartwatches. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg states that the Series 9 could potentially represent the most minimal upgrade in the product’s history.

The upcoming Apple Watches will introduce a swifter chipset and a fresh array of colors, though these alterations remain relatively modest. If you already have a 2022 watch, it no longer makes sense to upgrade to the newer versions.

This recurring pattern has reportedly prompted Apple to engage in serious internal deliberations regarding the extension of Watch generations – a strategy involving longer intervals between upgrades accompanied by more noteworthy enhancements.

It’s likely that Apple will persist with its annual release cycle, primarily aiming to entice users from rival smartwatch brands rather than encouraging frequent upgrades among existing Apple Watch users.

The imminent arrival of the 10th generation is on the horizon, and unsurprisingly, Apple intends to dub it the “Watch X”. In contrast to the Series 9, Gurman asserts that the Watch X will represent the most substantial upgrade in the history of the Apple Watch.

This aligns with the trajectory of watchOS 10, a complete reimagining of Apple’s wrist-worn operating system. It’s worth noting, however, that watchOS 10 will also be made available for older watch models, making it a feature not exclusive to the 2024 generation.


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